Who Am I ?

MY Mission

My mission is to secure a successful career in data science or build a data science-based business. With a diverse skill set that includes 3D designing, data science, and machine learning, I’m also passionate about exploring new technologies in data science and machine learning.

My aim is to deliver high-quality work, excellent attention to detail, and problem-solving skills to a team or project. With a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, I would like to have a meaningful impact in the field of data science.

My Experiences

I have a passion for exploring new technologies and techniques in ML, AI and web development. I’m fascinated to use my skills to develop projects using new emerging technologies such as AI and ML. Some of my key achievements include:

  • Completed robotics and PLC training certificates
  • Created machine learning projects using Python
  • Developed websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

I am excited to continue growing my skills and exploring new opportunities in data science and machine learning.

My Skills

I’ve got a diverse range of skills, including 3D design, data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, web development, and robotics. My attention to detail and problem-solving skills enable me to deliver high-quality work that meets client expectations and deadlines.

With a passion for learning and exploring new technologies, I am always seeking new challenges to develop my skills further.